Inland Revenue Wills

The following are transcripts of the four Collier IRWs to be found at the Devon Record Office in Exeter, Devon. The transcriptions are as complete as I can get them. In some cases the writing is very poor and not helped by bad fiche copies. Words in <> are suggestions of what I believe them to be. Likewise, <> by itself indicates the word is unreadable. Although the absolute text may not be complete, these will provide interesting information and the most important bits are there.

NB: There is deliberately no formating on these transcripts.

Jasper Collier of Combpyne (Proved 14th September 1826) - Full Transcription of IRW (text file)
John Collier of Southleigh (Proved 21st November 1817) - Full Transcription of IRW (text file)
Joseph Collier of Abbotskerswell (Proved 11th March 1837)
William Collier of Brixham (Proved 27th June 1816) - Full Transcription of IRW (text file)