This section is an online photo gallery of Collier families around the world. If you would like to contribute a picture, perhaps with a question you are hoping to have answered, please email it to me at I would like to reassure people that under no circumstances will the pictures be made available to any commercial company, other organisation or individuals.

Xmas special - some of my school photos!

My grandmother Winnie (front) with Bessie and James Sydney Collier (back). James Sydney Collier's brother Ivor Charles Collier. Wedding of Derek Henry Collier and Ena Hole in Exmouth around 1950.  
James Sydney Collier and wife. Not sure if this is first wifeBlanche MARSH or second wife Elizabeth (Bessie) GUEST. Three men in 1951. I think the one on left is James Sydney Collier, but noidea about the others. Three men - no idea who they are. Found with a bunch of other Collier pictures in my collection.  
My father Derek Henry Collier on his tricycle, Devonport, England James Sydney Collier in uniform. Derek Henry Collier playing 'bass' with the Debden Ricketts Skiffle Band, Eygpt, 1950s.  
Family group of my family - Dawn, Pete, Rebecca and Megan Megan Collier Rebecca Collier  
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